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FOHO News and Updates

Here Are Some New Cryptocurrencies Added To The Market

There are over 6000 cryptocurrencies as of 2021 and new coins keep appearing. It is gaining worldwide acceptance. Cryptocurrency is a digital currency used to buy goods and services and work as a medium of exchange. CoinMarketCap has listed out the recent addition of cryptocurrencies in the market. Take a look…

Co-founded By A Goan, FOHO Coin Is Set To Revolutionize The Global Real Estate Space

FOHO Coin is a global real estate crypto currency built from Goa. It was listed on the 15th of August, a day that not only coincides with the Indian Independence Day but also with the 50th Anniversary of the existence of Fiat currency. The launch will be a boost to democratizing real estate space across the globe. It was listed after a very successful IEO (Initial Exchange Offering) that saw a soft cap of 1.5 million exceed to over 2.2 million with great interest from private investors.

Fractional Ownership Model Can Help Boost Sluggish Realty Market
Fractional ownership model can help boost sluggish realty market With sluggishness creeping into the real estate market due to the ongoing economic...

Top Cryptocurrency IEO’s To Look Out For In 2021

Understand the advantages of investing in cryptocurrency IEOs.

Initial Exchange Offerings (IEOs) are gaining popularity among investors, project teams, and cryptocurrency exchanges. IEOs were first launched in 2017, named Bread and Gifto, and only took off in 2019. Understandable, as IEOs and cryptocurrencies were a new concept in 2017. The demand for IEOs considerably grew as they represented a radical shift from the outdated ICO model. Many cryptocurrencies are following the demand and launching their own IEO launchpads to attract new projects and raise funds.

From an investor’s point of view, IEOs are a safer way to invest in digital tokens. ICOs witnessed several scams in 2017 along with a lack of trust as investors couldn’t predict if the project will work after the launch. That’s one of the biggest advantages of IEOs, trust!

Unlike ICOs, IEOs are sold only to the users of the exchange which is selling the specific IEO. These cryptocurrency exchanges screen each project that wants to launch a IEO on its platform. After analyzing the whitepapers, marketing, product status, and tokenomics, if the project fares promising enough, IEOs are listed.

Can Blockchain Democratize the Real Estate Space?

A new player in the Fractional Ownership space - FOHO is using the blockchain to bring transparency and trust.

FOHO is an ecosystem that was built by its co-founders Vijay Thomas and Roshan D'silva, with the aim of building a blockchain-based transparent and trust-incentivizing system that uses the wisdom of crowds to uncover deals, while holding all market participants accountable, thus democratizing real estate.

A Cryptocurrency That Merges The Worlds Of Blockchain And Real Estate Is Here
A breakthrough crypto-coin called FOHO Coin that converges the worlds of Blockchain, Real Estate and Technology is here. FOHO aims to build a blockchain-based transparent and trust- incentivizing system. 

FOHO Is Building A Transparent Fractional Ownership Marketplace

FOHO is building a transparent fractional ownership marketplace that uses the wisdom of crowds to uncover deals, hold sellers and property managers accountable and manage usage and income disbursal for real estate assets. Their modus operandi revolves around a trust-incentivized system. The platform is backed by Tangentia – one of the fastest-growing technology companies in Canada and Tripvillas – a leader in the development and management of Vacation homes.

FOHO Coin – The Cryptocurrency For The Sharing Economy
The FOHO Coin is a cryptocurrency that allows users to participate in real estate sharing in a number of ways by combining technology, cryptocurrency, and real estate. Issued by FOHO Holdings, a Canadian business backed by Tangentia and Tripvillas Group, the FOHO Coin forms the backbone of the FOHO sharing economy and aims to build the future of shared real estate ecosystems. The aim as much as possible is to use blockchain to create a model for shared ownership that is self governing and freed of centralized control.

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