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Here Are Some New Cryptocurrencies Added To The Market

Dragon Fortune |

It is currently operating legally in more than 100 countries. Dragon Fortune operates on the Binance Smart Chain (BEP20) platform and aims to use asymmetric encrytion distributed data storage, token economy, etc. The positive characteristics of blockchain technology combined with traditional online Gambling and living room games using blockchain to provide our users with an open, safe and mutually beneficial digital token entertainment platform.


MagnetGold |

It is world’s first digital asset which is being used to make this world more developed and prosper by using Blockchain Technology. MagnetGold is Decentralized crypto currency on the world’s biggest platform Binance Smart Chain (BEP-20).


Nucleus |

Nucleus is a Stable Supply token which gives devs access to dev teams and marketing teams to launch or run your token and exposure to exclusive buyers who will help your token grow. Nucleus is the recent addition in the market.


FOHO Coin |

FOHO Coin is a utility token for the FOHO Marketplace - a unique blockchain based decentralised platform for real estate assets across the globe. Through a unique community driven approach, FOHO has created the world’s first marketplace for shared diligence and investing in real estate. FOHO aims to provide a platform for safer and higher returns as compared to the traditional avenues for real estate investing.


ByteDex |

It is an ecosystem which includes Byte Cryptocurrency wallet, Non-custodial Byte Exchange and Byte Swap platform for secure cryptocurrency trading. It is a blockchain solution to decentralize the Exchange activities named Byte Chain, BEXT token as an ecosystem utility token and ByteDex communities.

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